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Career Online High School

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Career Online High School (COHS) offers adults the opportunity to complete their high school education and gain career training through a self‑paced, supportive, and accredited online education program.

Applicants must be 19 years old or older and have a valid library card in good standing.

With Career Online High School You Will:

  • Earn an accredited private high school diploma while preparing for a career in one of eight high‑demand, high‑growth fields
  • Take classes online, giving you the flexibility of 24/7 access to schoolwork
  • Be supported by certified instructors and academic coaches who care about your success
  • Gain career readiness with a portfolio including a resume, cover letter, and job preparation support

Areas of Career Study

  • Child Care and Education
  • Certified Protection Officer
  • Certified Transportation Services
  • General Professional Skills
  • Homeland Security
  • Office Management
  • Retail Customer Service Skills
  • Food and Customer Service Skills
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